Huntington Beach Rainbow Environmental Service


Multi-Phase Campus Renovation
Year: 2006-Ongoing
Cost: Phase 1 – $5.7 million; Phase II – Hold; Phase III – $2.5 million

The multi-phase renovation of an existing campaign for Huntington Beach, California includes:

huntington-beachPhase 1: Development of a 1.25 acre site master plan that features construction of a 38,000 square-foot Materials Recovery Facility with permitting for  2,500 tons-per-day of capacity and 1,000 tons per day of sorting capacity, an automated size segregation system, four conveyorized materials sorting lines and automated discharge for recyclables; an enclosed operation with a misting system for dust control and odor; and a two-story office.

Phase II:  Addition of 14,000 square-foot building to the existing transfer station.

Phase III: 22,300-square foot bin maintenance building with integral paint booth, wash bay, steel parts storage, vehicle service bay, welding repair area and open bay storage bay as well as a 2,100 square-foot mezzanine to include administration offices, an employee break room and storage.

Architectural metal wall panels, concrete and glass block were used in the design to increase the appeal of the building when viewed from an elementary school located across the street. In order to address public safety and community concerns, a traffic study was conducted to better understand traffic flow. As a result, operation hours were shifted to have trucks leave early and come back in the early afternoon to minimize cross-over between public traffic and operations traffic during peak hours.

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