City of Phoenix North Gateway Transfer Station & Materials Recovery Facility


Year: 2002-2006
Cost: $40 million

J.R. Miller & Associates worked with the City of Phoenix to build a new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Transfer Station as part of the North Gateway Campus to provide municipal solid waste processing for the rapidly growing communities of North Phoenix. From the start, owners of the surrounding land were reluctant about the idea of a facility of this type because they thought it would minimize the appeal of a future community. In response to these concerns, JRMA designed a facility that:

  • Focused on innovative architecture relating to the surrounding environment
  • Incorporated sustainability
  • Was cost-effective

 The 43-acre site plan incorporated a 193,000 square-foot transfer station and MRF that featured:

  • phoenix-stationAdministrative offices
  • A visitor area and viewing gallery
  • A drive assembly building
  • A maintenance facility
  • A fueling station
  • 2 scale houses
  • A self-haul area
  • Top-loading ports to accommodate future expansion

The resulting facilities:

  • Resemble and office-institutional campus
  • Take into consideration environmental issues such as preserving desert habitat
  • Incorporate a fully-enclosed operation to prevent fugitive dust and odor as well as noise
  • Incorporate various LEED design features such as high-recycled content materials, thermal mass walls and automated lighting systems
  • Received the Solid Waste Association of North American (SWANA) 2017 Gold Excellence Award (Transfer Station Category)

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