Currently each of the Solid Waste Management Department’s collection trucks makes a 40-mile round trip drive each day to the Cerro Colorado Landfill to unload.

In 2011, the City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Management Department (SMD) began a study to analyze the feasibility of building a new transfer station.  Currently each of the City’s collection trucks make a 40-mile round trip drive each day to the Cerro Colorado Landfill. The wear and tear on the collection trucks, along with the fuel use and emissions, poses large costs to the City and the citizens of Albuquerque.

After consideration of several sites, the existing 22-acre City Solid Waste Facility at 4600 Edith Boulevard NE was selected as the preferred site. This was identified as the preferred site because it provides a central location within a three-mile radius of the Big I, has convenience access to Interstate 25 along Comanche, and could be co-located with existing SWMS facilities in a newly designed site.

In addition, the City currently operates three solid waste convenience centers that accept waste from the public, but does not have one centrally located. The largest of the three is Eagle Rock Station, located on the north side of the City off I-25 at the Alameda exit. The other two stations are located in the south and west areas of the City. The new transfer station would provide another convenient location for the general public, and specifically the adjacent neighborhoods, to use.

Public Benefits

  • Save Albuquerque citizens $2.5-$4.4 million per year (depending on current fuel costs)
  • Fourth convenience center for customers

Project Description

The proposed project would include the reconstruction of the existing 22-acre City Solid Waste Facility to include:

  • A new administration building
  • A new transfer station
  • A new vehicle maintenance building
  • A new re-use/recycling center

All solid waste operations on the site would occur within an enclosed facility and be cleared daily. The hours of operation are proposed to be similar to the existing facility with only the public convenience center open between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

By repurposing the existing solid waste facility with improved site aesthetics, architecture, and landscaping improvements along Comanche and Edith, the project can enhance the community and showcase our environmental stewardship by reducing air pollution and fuel consumption

Site Benefits

  • Central location
  • Access to freeway
  • City ownership of property
  • All facilities on one 22-acre site
  • Build site to current City standards
  • Improve site design and functionality

Environmental Stewardship

  • Reduced fuel use
  • Reduced emissions
  • Extend life of Cerro Colorado Landfill
  • More recycling facilities
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Water quality improvements
  • Replace old, inefficient buildings with green, energy-efficient buildings

Estimated Costs

$38.8 million

  • Transfer Station – $22.3 million
  • Administration Building and Maintenance Center facilities – $13.5 million
  • Design and construction administration – $3 million


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